Party Information

Waxhaw-Marvin Swim and Tennis is available for parties throughout the summer.  There is a covered area with picnic tables, refrigerator, freezer and a gas grill.  During parties a lifeguard is required for non-member events and will be on site to facilitate and/or provide water safety during the event.  All nonmembers of any party will need to sign in on the guest sign-in form upon entry.  Guest sign in sheet is located next to the door. ALL GUESTS must sign in for each visit at any time they are visiting the pool.  Members are responsible for informing the guest of all rules and are subject to liability for all guests including any guest that has not signed in.    Waxhaw-Marvin Pool and Tennis is an all-volunteer club, anyone entering the facility waives the club of all liability for injury or harm and is subject to the rules of the facility as posted on the web-site.

Member Cost

Minimum party size required to reserve tables. Please refer to all details provided on the Facilities Use Form for Members.

Nonmember Cost

Full details are provided on the Non-member facilities use form.   Deposit and minimum package required as described on the usage form.

If you would like to request a party, please fill out form attached and give to staff while at the pool and/or email the form to us at

Fundraising Opportunities
In an effort to support the surrounding community, we offer fundraising opportunities.  Please contact us if there is a need we can help with by emailing us at